Established 1988
A Commitment of Excellence to the Photographic Arts


Family  Portraits

Custom Built packages start at $350.00


Business Portraits


Our print enchantments on a Business Portrait will bring you to look your finest, as if it was your best day.
We’re the Botox, face lift, teeth whitening, or weight removal people to give you that extra confidence in pursuing your goals.
These enchantments are done in such a way as to not be obvious but create an inspiring image.

Wedding Packages

Weddings are very different these days, and usually wedding packages are always changed or added to, so the packages now tend to be a thing of the past..
We want to meet the needs of all our clients so we have eliminated packages and moved to a custom system.
You can pick the products you like and want and then select the time you need on your wedding day.
Then pick your extras such as an engagement or bridal session, or add invitations to your package.
Custom Built packages start at $1595.00, but most couples are spending between $2500 and $3500 to get everything customized to their liking.

Your wedding day is very important to us, therefore, we take care of all the little extras, like cheese, meat, and cracker trays, cookies, juice, etc.;
all in a comfortable place to relax, including wash and change rooms and your choice of indoor or outdoor locations.
Our private, exclusive, beautifully landscaped, 3 acre park has many location sets, like a 30 foot waterfall, stone bridge, lily pond, Victorian style gateway,
amazing gardens, laneways of trees, and other settings too many to mention.
Then move on to overlooking the spectacular river valley, to the interest of the railway, and the beautiful rolling hills of the countryside.
We also offer a 1000 sq. ft. studio with more sets and props. Move from inside to outside in just a few steps.
Combine this with cutting edge style, a commitment to excellence, and a business built on reputation, and you have the end result of unique images
to capture and remember your special day.

Dave Brunner Photography, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
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